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Wedding Tip Of The Week

What to do ... and what does not. Trend DIY weddings are very popular among the wise (and not so strong) to the brides. Following the example of a list of e 'Bride of the proposed project, I agreed with my opinion about realisticness wedding and DIY!

5 DIY feasible

Make-up: This is not a substitute for professional make-up job, you have to own every day and know who you are / how I dislike. If there is no room in their budget for the stylist, but I want to change your appearance, I suggest asking a friend, whose composition is always admired for some advice, or visit the department store counter to make a quick lesson.

Christmas decoration: get your guests to observe the ceremony to marry you - not oogle at the scenery. Simplicity and DIY it or if you say your vows in an already very quiet, dare I say, go the whole institution.

Here are the benefits of edible recommend putting as an idea in favor or goodie DIY. Homemade chocolates and biscuits are welcome treat at the end of the night. (The moment of truth, a good percentage of your guests to take with you on their behalf at the end of the night anyway.)

Invitations, programs, save-the-Dates: Not for those who do not want to try a lot of time and hard work, but for those who are by far the DIY area. Among the many templates available online (check and ready to print packaging in crafts, DIY-Ing Your work is very lovely.

5 DIY Don'ts :
DIY wedding

DIY wedding

DIY wedding

DIY wedding

DIY wedding

DIY wedding

Photos: Snapshots may be more your style, but even if you have a good time behind the lens, I can sure that guests will not be able to all the moments and details of the wedding, you will capture. Show your grandchildren one day a picture of your best friend's shoes wedding date is not a substitute picture wedding cake.

Coordination is the same: Just try it. Want to enjoy the wedding - not a day to take advantage of all the questions about defense suppliers delivery dates, or issues that arise during the day. If the site does not provide on-site coordinator and / or you do not have room in your budget request to a trusted friend of the role of day.

Centerpieces: Per flowers can cost over $ 3,000, depending on your taste and season. Yes, a lot of money, but if you spend exactly two days before the wedding unpacking de-Thorning and flower arranging, I would not suggest small things to do wedding flowers. (Note: Some people have had beautiful, but just know that this requires a lot of effort, no!)

Eating / Food: The last thing you want is on the wedding day for cooking and serving food care. Leave it to professionals.

Their music: It is really rolls. More times than not to make their own recommendations of music, but if you connect to the appropriate device (be sure you have sound check) and experienced partners melody, it can create your own playlist wedding is for you.

For those of you who are inspired by their sense and cunning, there are countless resources for you as well as step-by-step tutorials, great interior design accent for your wedding. (This is an area I would recommend 100 percent tried a little DIY). A few of my favorite places of inspiration include ruffled blog, The Sun, Wedding Project. DIY brides, you should check them out and let me know if you want to try one of the projects! ...

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