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Beautiful Wedding Flowers

The choice of wedding flowers is the sole decision of the couple. If not, the bridesmaid should keep in mind the choice of the couple along with the overall theme and color of the occasion. The wedding flower colors have different meanings as well. For example light blue shows happiness and patience; dark blue symbolizes change; green is for fertility, growth, money etc; orange shows energy; pink is for friendship and love; purple is a symbol of meditation and spiritualism; red is courage, passion, health, protection and strength; yellow is attraction, intellect; and white is a symbol of purification, peace and protection. A bouquet should be chosen according to the bridal dress and physique and figure such that it should go with and balance the entire look of the bride. Silk wedding flowers can be matched to each other. They are made of objects, sizes, shapes, colors and options. The real choice, silk roses, orchids and tulips, the color is much more predictable than fresh flowers.

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