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10 Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding day please Tchotchke are useless. Modern brides choose to do something guests can enjoy, and a bit 'in many cases, what they can eat! If you have time, consider a house of candy. Cookies, truffles, chocolate covered nuts and cookies are delicious. However, women were given as gifts, staff edible, but not at home. Here are 10 tasty ideas.
Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

1. Honey. A jar of honey, local craft will be long. You can use (and remember your wedding) weeks after the ceremony.
2. Spice rub. Have you and your husband love his grill? Select a favorite spice rub and make their own labels. This is a great favor for summer weddings, because you can use immediately.
3. Pickles. pickled vegetables such as carrots and jalapenos, are also good options.

Read on for the rest of my suggestions!

4. Herb pot. Choose your favorite herbs (parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil, etc.) and planting in a pot in miniature. You can transfer a larger boat, as it grows.

5. Jam. Jam comes in many choose the one that goes with the wedding theme. To begin the Caribbean get married? Add pineapple jam. A marriage brings more spirit of Mountain Jam, while calls for country-topics strawberry.
6. Olive oil. Even if a small bottle of olive oil is more expensive on the side of grace, when a small host intimate wedding with a guest list, it is a very useful gift.
7. Maple syrup. The perfect gift for the couple who loves breakfast.
8. A perfect piece of fruit an apple, peach, pear or a simple gift, but is appreciated.
9. Tea. Offers a variety of flavors of tea bags and allow customers to choose their favorites.
10. dark chocolate. Who does not love a good piece of chocolate?

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