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The new mug of choice in London

Despite the attack of the royal wedding memorabilia seems to be quite sticky for some stores here in London is not a booming business as an international tourist kitsch cruise in the hopes a little magic to your home.

I had Cool Britannia, British Mega Gift Emporium in Piccadilly Circus, some of the cheesy deals that run from the bow of the screens with pictures Kate and William King and Queen of condoms adorned to gawk. However, the most popular items are, of course, a classic - tea pots, cups, plates, cups, plates and trays that may one day say, a hundred years, very interesting. Then again, maybe not.

I'm not an alien world Commemoratives royalty. My ex-husband and I collect things over the years that hundreds of pieces from the reign of Queen Victoria. It was a fun hobby for us and our young girls who like to hunt for vintage royal memorabilia. My specialty was finding the old royalty-free cans of biscuits and impressive hidden is now one of the most precious wealth of the family.

After the marriage broke up, stopped the most serious scouting. But my ex has a good care of our wonderful collection of old and will one day inherit our daughters. Although we are not royalists, he published a collection of all of us a sense of history.

But the costume clown honked his horn in my ear, as entered, was Cool Britannia as a rude awakening. And the moment came to pass Kate and William, my fondness for camp at the end. But I could not leave without buying something.

"Diana's reduced," informed the store manager, explaining how Kate and William had a cup of choice. The boy complained that he was not the main plaster busts of William and Kate sold. About $ 155 Canadian, I can not say I was surprised - they were not even painted!
wedding souvenir

wedding souvenir

wedding souvenir

wedding souvenir

wedding souvenir

wedding souvenir

I will break down and buy a half-dozen caddies, plastic bag, adorned with a nice shot of the royal couple. After all, were quite innocent, and ultimately into practice. And then there was on board the royal wedding I bought my mother dear. I hope that the group of playing cards will be suitably impressed.

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