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Diamond Engagement Rings Sets

The appeal of a diamond engagement ring is universal and needs little explanation. Their performance, especially against a background of gold or platinum, and unrivaled their nature are difficult long-term nature of the commitment they represent. Diamonds are available in various shapes and sizes, which means that they can taste one. The most common engagement ring is cut diamond solitaire, round or princess, to target groups outside the maximum amount of light. Trilogy settings are also very popular because of their incredible stone shaped as passion fruit or oval, and projects with a smaller diamond.

Diamonds are believed to have been first produced in India, where her beauty soon gave them the status of religious icons. While some diamonds make their way to Europe for many years, the trend for diamond jewelry is really only took off in the 16th century, when World Travel has become more widespread. European higher class started giving a diamond engagement ring as an engagement gift and as we all know, when a famous woman to see the new and exciting jewelry, all the rest began to want the same thing. This gift is not only a symbol of love and loyalty, but status symbols - just rich are able to diamonds and gold. The discovery of large diamond mines in Africa, at the end of the eighteenth century only to increase the popularity of diamonds in all types of jewelry.

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