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Wedding Cakes With Frosting Fountains

To realize the dream of wedding cakes a beautiful with ornate, and wedding cake with fountains is the perfect ideas to be realized immediately in gallery. pour thoughts for best design of wedding cake.

With frosting - White for shell scallops, roses, leaves and ruffle bottom border
sq-5319 - Egg Yellow for entire cake surface, roses, scallops, ruffles and shell bottom borders.

Fountains ideas for wedding cakes is part of a miniature house or castle, surrounded with stairs that linking between the cake with cake. Fountains on wedding cakes can be made of candy or plastic, in order that more wonderful then it should on fountains supported with spotlight. Delicacy for wedding cakes also determined with accents theme, and you can see in the gallery that some wedding cake made of butter and ice cream placed fountain design.

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