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Royal Wediing Coverage

Those who know absolutely whether Katie Couric finally confirmed rumors that it may leave CBS to wait just a few days.

Evening news anchor to give planning known, they will leave the station after the Royal Wedding, according to the New York Times.

Couric, who has been with CBS for five years, is currently in London, anchoring coverage marry Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday.

It is believed that he would return to the United States, after which CBS will announce her successor in the first week of May.

A detailed plan of departure was described by four people at the Times. They spoke on condition of anonymity.

Blonde anchor of the current 15 million U.S. dollars contract with CBS at the end of 4 June. Scott Pelley, correspondent for 60 minutes, is in step shoes Women Couric MS.

But Ms. Couric pointed out that it did not decide whether to stay or leave the station.

On the last tour promoting her new book The best advice I've ever woman jumped from the Couric rumors.

"I'm just in the middle of know him, "she told Matt Lauer on Today show.
Ms. Couric addressed widespread rumors that they leave their jobs for former co-host Matt Lauer Today, this month.

"Have you heard any good rumors lately?" Lauer joked, interview began. They joked back: "I'll call you as soon as I know."

Getting serious, he told her old friend, "I'm very excited about the future" by "In the middle of know it."

"Where is the best place for me to be? What would be the best job for me? " She asked.

Also showed they want to show more of himself to admit: "It would be nice to show a little more room for me, a little more personality."

Although Ms. Couric drops the highest-paid TV presenter on her five years, CBS ratings and Ms. Couric called the future of traditional television news uncertain.
Royal Wediing Coverage

Royal Wediing Coverage

Royal Wediing Coverage

Royal Wediing Coverage

Royal Wediing Coverage

Royal Wediing Coverage

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