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Wedding Hair Accessories - Q&A

wedding hair accessories

Hair accessories are an important part of a perfect wedding hairstyle. However, many wives are at a loss when it comes to understanding the decisions and what is really good look at them. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about hair jewelry wedding.

Q: I am not entitled. I read a lot about the sails and have an idea of ​​what kind of hairstyle I want. But what do I do with my hair? Why would I want more than a veil?

A: scarves and hair accessories are ways to take a look at a line when you wear a veil that makes you want more, or if you plan to remove the veil at the reception. Tiaras, crowns, combs, decorative pieces back, hair clips, rings, roller wraps, headbands, caps or hats and hair jewelry can each spouse complete the look in a different way. A ring of bread or a tiara, for example, a royal touch.

Q: I want something extra, but not my hair stand at the center of attention (I hope my dress will be "upstaged"). How can I accessorize my fine hair without my dress?

A: Think of an understatement. Choose a subtle head, added that details of your dress, or work with the rest of your jewelry set. Let us customize a headband wrapped in a fabric of your dress. Or choose a comb with beads or other ornaments adorned subtle. You can also make a string of small crystals or beads in her hair, standing on a necklace or earrings.

wedding hair accessories

Q: I have always admired the hats and want to make one when I go into the alley. Is that okay?

A: Sure! It's your day and your personal style should shine through. For a look near the top you can wear a Juliet cap (which looks like a bridal crown) to anchor the veil. You can wear a veil cage in a hat, or go the Jackie Kennedy look with a bunker. Bridal hats are very small to large and floppy rimmed. It is a matter of personal taste and the best is to look with your dress.

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