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Cheap Wedding Ideas

Cheap wedding does not mean that you are compromising on style and emotion. Instead, it means that the bride and groom are smart and are using their money wisely. Use your imagination and enlist the help of parents and friends. Make your dream wedding without spending a fortune.

It is important to have a planning and budget keeping. Start planning your wedding well in advance. Is it too late, it will easily be panic solutions, which are rarely cheap. Certainly, it's better to have money left over for house, car or a fabulous honeymoon.

Below are some tips for a fabulous wedding at a low cost:

Invitation cards
There are plenty of beautiful invitation cards that are tempting to use. To save money you can make them yourself. Decorate the cards with a photo of you two, together with beautiful laces, hearts, rings, dried flowers, etc and use a calligraphy pen for your best handwriting. Use for example beautiful romantic postcards as invitation cards. Decorate them and put them in an envelope.

Wedding Clothes
The bridal gown is a heavy expense in a wedding. Here, you really can save money.

Sew your own wedding dress or if you cannot or do not have the time maybe a relative or friend to you can do it. There are lots of patterns on the market and on the Internet. Look in the bridal magazines and get tips. Make an ordinary dress, so it becomes more wedding-like, by using pearls, gold threads, laces, rhinestones etc. You may inherit a dress that you can make changes to, so it fits your wedding. Nice alternative is to use your mother or grandmother's wedding dress. Find new, used or vintage dresses on the Internet. And do not forget the option to rent your wedding dress.

Wedding rings
Simple gold rings are the least expensive and very elegant. Silver rings are modern and cheap. Platinum rings are popular but are almost twice as expensive as white gold. You earn extra money if you buy a set containing the engagement ring, her and his wedding ring.

Replace the diamonds to semi-precious stones.

Bridal bouquets and flowers for the wedding
Choose seasonal flowers. Ask for advice in the flower shop. Choose your favourite flower in your bridal bouquet. Bridal bouquets are beautiful if they match with the theme of the wedding and your wedding clothes. You might have roses or other flowers in your garden! Pick a bouquet and tie a pretty ribbon around it. To use a single flower, such as a Calla Lilly is incredibly beautiful and elegant. Tie a pretty bow around it. Find more ideas on the web.

Wedding cake
Make your own wedding cake together with your mother and mother in law. It will probably be a very pleasant experience and a memory for life. You can find ideas online and in wedding magazines.


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