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Black Tungsten Carbide Men's Jewelry Link Bracelet

This tungsten bracelet is becoming one of the most popular bracelet style. 10MM in width. The metal is extremely scratch resistant. Perfect accessory for people with active lifestyle.

The Men jewelry product appeared to be of nice quality and the bracelet looks great but I will never know in person as the company shipped the wrong bracelet to me twice. I can understand and relate to a simple order mistake the first time, it happens but it should be resolved by the second go 'round.

By the time I received the 2nd incorrect shipment, the purpose of buying the bracelet (birthday gift in July) was a moot point so I shipped it back asking for a full refund of the cost and original shipping charges since I had to pay for them 3 times. The company did make good on my refund request and did so in a timely manner. I am however, sorely disappointed that I was unable to receive my original purchase request as the 'giftee' was quite excited to see what I actually ordered for him. Unfortunately, I will not be purchasing from them in the future as I feel that their lack of attention to detail is too costly and time consuming. I do hope future customers have better luck receiving the correct items as requested.

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