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Ideas for Planning a Valentine's Wedding

Valentine Day is an ideal day to have your wedding. It is the day devoted to romance and love. There are many Sussex Wedding venues that have the romantic setting, and the expertise to help you make your romantic wedding a reality. It will be very important to book your site early. Valentine Day is a popular day for weddings and it is highly likely that both East Sussex Wedding venues and West Sussex Wedding venues will be booked well in advance. The additional time you will have by booking early can be used to plan your wedding to put in some extra romantic touches that will make it a memorable day.

Red is the color of Valentine Day and the use of this passionate and romantic color should be a major theme. This can be reflected in your attire. A white dress with red accents and an old fashion style is very romantic. The bridesmaid dresses can be various shades of pink and red as well. Even the groomsman could wear red ties with pink boutonnieres. A color scheme that utilizes red and pink, and lots of red hearts in the decorations will reinforce the romantic theme.

Rose would make the ideal flower for the wedding. Flowers are romantic and you are going to want a lot of them, but roses can be very hard to come by and quite expensive in February. It might be a good idea to explore the possibility of alternate flowers that can also be found in pink and red. Tulips, hydrangea and freesia are a few possibilities.

It is another good idea to get your guests involved in the idea of the romance of the wedding. One idea is to have all married couples stand during the ceremony and reaffirm their love for each other. You can also follow the theme of romantic love by introducing famous couples of the past. One way of doing this is at the reception. Rather than numbering the tables or placing name cards, you can name each table after a romantic couple from history like Romeo and Juliet.

Valentine Day is the day that celebrates lovers and romance. A wedding on this day will make it a special day for you, and there is an additional advantage. In the years to come, you will have a little help remembering the date of your own anniversary.

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