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Bridal Jewelry for the Winter Season

Winter is one of the most gorgeous times of year, especially where it snows. That makes winter weddings, some of the most romantic and beautiful. Brides who get married in the winter seasons, may not be using the bright springy colors in their bridal and bridesmaid jewelry, but they have a whole new pallet to choose from. Winter bridal jewelry can be some of the most luxurious and rich of all of the seasons of bridal jewelry.

When it comes down to it, winter whites make great wedding whites! For the bride that is wearing the white or off white bridal gown, beautiful and traditional pearls are perfect for your winter bridal jewelry. Not only are pearls very traditional for bridal jewelry selections, they match the theme of the year, looking their best. The white of the pearl matched with beautiful skin tones, match perfectly with the wedding jewelry theme of the season. Winter is white, what could be better than beautiful white winter bridal jewelry.

If pearls are just not for you and your bridal jewelry selection, then swarovski crystals are a great option as well. With so many color options available, finding that crystal clear or white tones of swarovski bridal jewelry is easy. The crystal bridal jewelry selection still matches the winter bridal jewelry theme. With winter weather comes snowflakes and icicles. Nothing is more sparkly and elegant as the swarovski crystal bridal jewelry you can find in bridal boutiques across the country and online.

For one of the most glamorous and striking bridal jewelry combinations for winter is the combination of both white pearls and swarovski crystals. Putting these two together, makes for the perfect complimented winter bridal jewelry. You will have the best of both worlds, beautiful pearl bridal jewelry combined with gorgeous swarovski crystal bridal jewelry.

Don’t forget about the winter bridesmaid jewelry for your bridesmaids. With winter comes many lush and rich color choices. Of course there is the ever popular hunter greens and ruby reds. These make for wonderful winter Christmas season bridal jewelry selections. Deep burgundies and maroons, as well as royal blue and persimmons are also beautiful choices.

Let the color pallet of winter help you decide what style and color of bridal jewelry you will wear. The winter season brings on such a romantic and special air, that a winter wedding is perfect for the season. In the end, find winter bridal jewelry that matches you, your gown, your personality and of course your wedding colors and theme.

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