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Ideas For Christmas DIY Wedding Invitations

Christmas is a magical time of the year. Planning a wedding at this festive time is a perfect idea. Everyone is in full festive spirit and ready to celebrate a joyous occasion.

The cost of ordering your invites from stationers can be very pricey. Once you have recovered from the shock of the quoted prices. You maybe start to think about making your own home made wedding invitations.

How about trying to make a Christmas tree design. Everyone can draw a tree, have a go. You know you have a creative side inside just waiting to surface. The tree can have decorations on each branch. The traditional colors of red and green still hold a special touch today in everyone's heart.

You can add a little creativity to the tree by choosing different colours to make your Christmas theme. Silver and white is a great choice as a color theme for the festive period. You may decide on having pink decorations on top of a pink tree. For the Goths there is a brilliant black tree with black and white decorations. Your color choice is endless.

A fantastic invite would be a normal square shaped card. Brides can choose to have a little header at the top of the wedding invitation with both names. You can also add the wedding date for a special touch.

You can make an amazing invitation by choosing a normal shaped card. A card which opens out to the side would be an ideal choice to start with to show off your unique invite. On the front of the card you can punch holes in various wintery shapes. A snowflake would be a good design to start with for your invitation. Insert a different colored wording on the inside of the border of the invitation to show your design off to its fullest. The special hole punches can be purchased from local supermarkets or craft shops.

Couples can choose a plain white card with a red border. This is a very elegant style and simple design to complete. The border can be plain red in colour or have a pattern. Both choices will wow the wedding guests.

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