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Elegant Prom Dress in My Colections

Prom Fashion Tips For 2009

The prom is one of the most exciting days in a young person's life. Almost every high school student looks forward to this day. Whether you have a gorgeous partner at your side or you and all your friends decide to go together, it is surely a night filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

Selecting the Right Attire

There is so much preparation that goes into the prom to make it a spectacular event for everyone involved. Therefore enough consideration should be given when creating your look for the night. Starting with your outfit, always remember that uniqueness is what will get heads turning so opt for a dress or suit that will embrace your individuality.

When it comes to selecting that perfect dress, a great tip is to scan through a few fashion magazines. This will not only give you an idea of what is in at the moment but might also inspire you to come up with your own original designs. Also, take a look at what's hot on the runway or what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet. Chances are you might not be so fortunate as to afford an original Valentino or Versace; there are many dressmakers out there that can recreate these styles. Do not be despaired if you cannot find a good dressmaker. There are so many choices to choose from on the internet and in the stores that you will have more than enough options. With so many designs available, you can choose a dress that perfectly fits your body type in the color and design of your choice.

Guys, you might not have as wide of a selection when it comes to prom wear. Uniqueness and individuality can surely still be achieved. Uniqueness however does not mean investing in a purple suit that makes you look like Barney, unless of course you can pull it off. Try to keep it classic but add a color shirt and tie to make your outfit look interesting. Wait until your date has decided on a color for her prom dress and then incorporate this color into your outfit. A black clean cut suit or tuxedo should do the trick, but don't be afraid of pinstripes either. White suits or tuxedos for the guys could be one of the more trendy looks for 2009. White, if worn correctly looks chic and sophisticated. Before attempting to go with a white suit or tux, take a look at some pictures and see if you think you can pull it off. You don't want to wear white just to wear it; you want to make sure you look good.

Accessories Can Make or Break Your Look

If you make your dress the main focus of your look, you clearly do not need multiple arm bands or huge earrings to complete your outfit. A dress that is interesting on its own should be the main attraction. By adorning yourself with an over abundance of accessories, you might look overdone. If you choose a dress that is bold enough to attract attention, you can go with small stud earrings or something with little sparkle. Some bracelets may look great with your dress but there is also a chance you won't need one at all.

Opting for a simple dress with one solid color might leave more room for accessorizing. The trend for 2009 is to mix and match your accessories. For instance, a plain knee-length turquoise dress can be completed by adding brown and blue crystal bead chandelier earrings. An arm bracelet with a mixture of turquoise, green and brown crystal beads might just put the finishing touches on the outfit. If you do not want to wear accessories, then make your shoes interesting. Pointed toe shoes with an original design would look great with a simple single colored dress.

The choices of accessories for the guys are also quite slim. A top hat can add to the sophistication of a suit but stay away from the long chains with a dollar sign pendant. Other than a watch, a ring or some nice earrings there aren't too many choices to accessorize with for the gentlemen.

Hair Do's And Don'ts

With the invention of the straightening iron, hair is no longer a "big" issue. For both girls and guys straightly ironed hair is a good look for a prom. Ladies, leave the honeycomb for your wedding and try to keep your hair down, possibly straight or maybe add some soft curls. This will make your face look soft and fresh. For the guys, short hair is key. Mohawks do express individuality, but do you really want to look back in 10 years and see that? A nice short hair cut or possibly even a shaved head will look just fine. However, don't go too short, bald heads are for body builders so allow some time for a little growth.

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