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Tungsten Carbide Diamond Wedding Band Ring 8mm

This tungsten carbide diamond ring is unique and matches nicely with my boyfriend's watch, but I bought Titanium because it's supposed to be sturdy and resistant to wear. When I got it in the mail it looks a lot duller than in the picture; it's a much darker gray than in the picture. In addition, my boyfriend has a clerical job and after only 3 months the tungsten ring is scuffed and scratched. He is a bit clumsy, but I really expected the ring to stand a little more abuse.

He likes it and wears it almost every day, but I'm a bit disappointed with its color and susceptibility to scratches.

The tungsten carbide diamond ring is not as shiny as it appears. The inside is very polished (as it appears) but the outside is slightly dimmer than presented. No particular problem about this, seems equally impressive.

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