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Sterling Silver Oval Cubic Zirconia Cocktail Engagement Diamond Rings

This is faux jewelry at its finest. While no one is ever going to believe this is the "real thing," the workmanship is excellent. That is, the setting of the small cubics around the big stone (which is fabulously brilliant) is meticulously, and impeccably done. The small stones have great shine as well. The ring is marked 925 and China.

The only thing that I should have paid more attention to are the dimensions because of my small, somewhat chubby, fingers. The dimensions, translated from metric, are: the length is a little over 1 inch, and the width is about 5/8 inch. If you have long, graceful, fingers, this would be perfect.

On my finger, the Engagement ring reaches my first knuckle, but I love it anyway even though it is really too big for my hand. Within the past three weeks Amazon ran this engagement ring for $8.75 (really did), including super saver shipping.

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