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Sterling Silver Marcasite Amethyst-Color Glass Heart Pendant

This is absolutely beautiful and makes you feel good to wear. The chain is very light weight and really catches the eye. After purchasing other necklaces that the chain was cheap compared to the pendant and having to go purchase another chain or use one I already had this was quite a suprise. I bought this as my Valentine's day and birthday gift to myself and feel it is one of the best gifts I have given myself in years.

I love this design. Very feminine. The only thing is that the actual color of the amethyst (which probably isn't real, just listed as a color reference) is too dark & doesn't show up well. Almost looks black. The photo is shot w/light shinning into it from behind. Not one of my favorite pieces, but I'll still wear it. Wish the color would be lighter & more brilliant & show up better.

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