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Winter Wedding Decorations

Decorations such as whether you will make during the your winter wedding ..???

Here are some entries for you:

You can be a snow princess at your winter wedding. It is simply a matter of which decorations you choose to create your winter wonderland.

Begin with a white horse and carriage for your arrival instead of a limo. It will feel like a fairytale. Reminds you of a very popular Disney princess named Cinderella, doesn’t it?

Consider the colors royal blue, deep red, or forest green for your bridesmaid dresses.

Silver and white is a beautiful color combination for pew bows at a winter wedding.

Do you want a true winter wedding? Let your flower girl scatter snowflakes instead of flowers. You can either purchase small plastic snowflakes or create your own with paper or poster board and some glitter! This is such a creative idea! Your wedding will definitely stand out with this simple wedding decoration.

Isn’t the harp is a beautiful instrument? Consider having a harpist play before and during your ceremony; this will encourage the warm winter theme.

Have you thought of having your reception in a quaint cottage or a log cabin with a fireplace? My sister did this for her winter wedding. A location like this will definitely add charm to your reception!

Offer hot apple cider to your guests. It is a popular holiday beverage. Apple cider truly makes winter complete!

Can you imagine you and your new husband arriving at the reception-walking into a huge tent lighted by candles and numerous strings of white lights? Decorate the backs of the table chairs with large black or red velvet bows. This will compliment the lights. Consider laying out candy canes on the table tops if you are having a December wedding.

Do you want to give unique favors? If you are having a Christmastime wedding, give out ornaments. Here is my favorite idea: A holiday cookie cutter with a cookie recipe attached that says, “Truly cut for each other” along with your names and your wedding date.

And, lastly, if you live in a cold northern state where it actually snows, you have the very best winter wedding decoration for a true winter wedding!

By : Phie

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