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Bridal Bouquets

Your wedding should reflect your personality. Are you always the center of attention? Do people give you strange looks because you are one of those creative types? If that is the case, your wedding should be different too!

Every article, every book, even every piece of advice from Aunt Mary or mom is for the traditional bride; but what about the rest of you? Are you an actress who treats your wedding as a performance? Or, are you the artist with a baby- not a human one, but your work of art? The puppeteer who includes her puppets on the guest list? (Ok, I'm kidding about the last one- you need a doctor) Read on, this is for you.

As all brides know, it is all about the dress. It is all about one other tiny thing, too. What other detail besides your beautiful face and dress show up in your photographs forever?
The bridal bouquet!

Here are a few bridal bouquet ideas to make your wedding unique:

The Hollywood Starlet bridal bouquet

Who doesn't love anything embellished with Swarovski crystals! Attach these beautiful crystals to the petals of your flowers for a snazzy look. This alternative is most affective with a simple bridal gown with very little detail.

Starlight Star bright first star I see tonight... bridal bouquet

If you are having an evening candlelight ceremony: Arrange a string of lights in your bridal bouquet. (And you thought you could only use your Christmas lights once a year?) Adding the lights will pull together the whole candlelight theme and attract more attention to you!

One in a Million bridal bouquet

Let your guests know you are his "one in a million" with this special bouquet. This bouquet consists of one single red rose amidst all white roses. Share the message of your love story. White roses represent purity, and red roses stand for love. Convey how "true love waits".

Pick one of these bouquets and you will give guests something to talk about... at your baby shower! Oh, and the best part? Knowing how much this will aggravate your frazzled Aunt Sally, who is always telling your mom you need a normal job!

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